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2017 Wedding Ceremony Wrap Up with Photography by Paloma

Posted by Jennifer Constant and Photography by Paloma on Monday 20th November 2017
2017 Wedding Ceremony Wrap Up with Photography by Paloma

2017 has been a FANTASTIC year, full of some incredibly unique ceremonies. What better way to see this uniqueness then through the eyes of a fabulous photographer!

This is the first in our series of features with photographers that just love to work with Wedding Celebrants

Feature with Photography by Paloma


Welcome Paloma! Can you believe 2017 is nearly over!

How would you sum up your year in just a sentence?

2017 has been the busiest year to date, but also the most colourful and fun. 

What was your favourite wedding to shoot and why?

I couldn’t possibly pick just one! I absolutely love all of the weddings I shoot.  I think my favourite time this year though was shooting 2 of my friends’ weddings. It was such a weird experience, I felt an even bigger responsibility and much more emotionally invested. I was quite involved in the run up to their big days and it was both very exciting but also very scary as I wanted to produce the best images for them! 

They both took place in Sussex so they were quite local and I was able to pack my camera away after doing some photos of everyone enjoying on the dance floor and enjoy being a guest! It also meant I got fed absolutely amazing food. Both couples were great at being pulled away from their guests to come and have some photos taken around their venues when the light was just beautiful, and as we have known each other for a few years it was great fun to be in the room getting ready with them and having such a big part on their day.

I must admit it felt amazing being able to share their days in that way as I wouldn’t have been able to share or witness as many special moments if I had been just a regular guest!

You must have seen a lot of weddings! What makes a wedding ceremony unique in your eyes?

The couple and the celebrant. I love when people have tailor-made ceremonies and are able to bring in their personalities into the mix. The celebrant obviously is a key element of the wedding ceremony and having a fun laid back really helps the couple relax and me getting some very good images!

I have been in situations where I’ve not been able to move around or have been asked not to take any photos during the ceremony at the request of the celebrant which is such a shame as it’s taking away from the couple’s chance of having images to cherish in years to come.

We just love your pictures of Amber and Simon's wedding bash. Can you tell us about this ceremony? 

Amber and Simon got married at the Royal Pavilion in Brighton on 02-06-17.  The ceremony room at the Pavilion is absolutely stunning and we had an opportunity to take some shots in the music room which is just beautiful. They had a reading from Simon’s sister who had everyone in tears (including me!!).

Whilst their guests made their way to their chosen venue (the Latest Music Bar) I whisked them away for a walk around the Laines and the sea front where we were able to take some really nice couple portraits. It was so much fun walking around the streets and having random people coming over to chat to them and congratulate them. They both said after the wedding this was one of their favourite parts of the day! 

Once at the venue they had their confetti entrance and man… did they nail it… Everyone had a confetti cannon so it was literally an explosion of colour and glitter! I was able to take them to the beach for a few sunset photos and it was great to walk away from all the noise and just let them have a few moments to themselves to take it all in! I got on with the couple so well, and their friends and family were so welcoming that it just felt like I was at a party with good friends and really didn’t want to leave; I had such a fabulous time!!

What do you look forward to most in 2018?

I can’t wait to meet new couples and help them make amazing memories to cherish for years to come! 

Thank you for sharing your 2017 experience and your stunning photographs with us Paloma! 

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 611

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 955

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 719

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 616

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 935

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 285

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 691

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 478

PhotographybyPaloma AmberSimon1 432


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