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8 Top Tips for using Instagram as a Celebrant

Posted by Emily Hatton on Thursday 17th May 2018
8 Top Tips for using Instagram as a Celebrant

We LOVE Instagram at The Celebrant directory, have you checked our page out yet?  Here are our favourite top tips for getting the best out of your profile.

1. Post regularly

The key with Instagram posting is consistency. One, two, three a day? It’s really up to you but ensure you are consistent so your followers know what to expect.

2. Use hashtags and location

Hashtags are great for people to discover your posts, but did you know that tagging your location really helps as well? Instagram is great for using hashtags – but remember to not overuse them as well – around 10 hashtags is a great.  Try and keep them relevant too and use keywords.

Instagram top tips1

3. Keep it short

Keep your description short as only the first 3 lines show on the post in your followers feed.

4. Take awesome photos!

Instagram is all about eye catching pictures so get snapping and take some great ones! Amazing photos really catch people’s attention and the better the pics, the more followers you can potentially get following you on Instagram. It is worth that little bit more time to get a good one.

Instagram top tips3

5. To filter or not to filter?

Filters are very popular on Instagram and they can make your photos look great. Be consistent with your filter to make your feed look branded.

6. Interact

Get into conversation with your followers. If they comment on your picture, reply and vis versa. Follow people in your industry and start to comment on their feed, this is a great way of building your own following too.

Instagram top tips4

7. Instagram stories

Using Instagram stories is AMAZING, it is one of the top features on Instagram at the moment. It gives followers a sneaky update on you and sits at the top of the feed so they are more likely to see your story than a post which could be further down your feed. This is definitely something you should be making the most out of. The more stories the better!

8. Shout out!

We all love a shout out! Instagram is a great place to use tagging with other businesses that are related to you. This can earn you a repost, which then increases your exposure. It is a great relationship building tool!

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