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Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments-Take 2!

Posted by Emily Hatton on Tuesday 19th June 2018
Celebrants reveal their favourite Naming Ceremony moments-Take 2!

We have been asking our amazing Celebrants to tell us all about their experiences with Naming Ceremonies. They have been revealing their best moments and thoughts on why you should consider having a Naming Ceremony yourself….

This time, New Zealand based Timaru Celebrant Sarah McCambridge.


Tell us a bit about your favourite Naming Ceremony and why it was your top choice.

I never have a favourite ceremony as people touch you in different ways every time. That’s what makes every single ceremony unique and special.

Older children are a bit more of a challenge and you need to find fun ways so that they too have a great day. One ceremony that sticks out the most was twin girls. One had red hair the other black, very different in all aspects looks personality and presence. Definitely a challenge for their parents in the future. But both gorgeous and bubbly. 

They were 2 and very talkative- in fact they could have led the ceremony themselves! We had a wishing jar for them, and all the guests wrote their ambitions and love for them on cards and they were read out. It was the facial expressions during this reading- happy, sad, bored, or excited. It was a fun time.

Naming ceremony take 23

Have you had any unusual requests?

Not as this stage, but every ceremony is unique and tailored to couples and their child.

What has been the best reading or song used in one of your Naming Ceremonies?

I like this one…

You are my child
I am your quiet place
You are my wild
I am your calm face
You are my giggle
I am your wait
You are my wiggle
I am your dinner
You are my chocolate cake
I am your bedtime
You are my awake
I am your lullaby
You are my peekaboo
I am your goodnight kiss
You are my “I love You”

Naming ceremony take22

Has the child always been well-behaved?!

Most have been well behaved. The trick is to not be short and sweet, but make each ceremony entertaining involving and adapt to changing behaviour. And I suppose be relaxed! As they say, “never work with kids and animals”.

What are some top tips for parents organizing a ceremony?

Be relaxed about it, make it fun and involve the guests. A Celebrant can lead a wonderful ceremony with meaning at the same time.

Naming ceremony take23

Why do you think parents should have a Naming Ceremony for their child?

It’s a little more personal and fun than a traditional Christening.  And why not celebrate life!

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