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Getting your Celebrant business strategy together for Twitter

Posted by Emily Hatton on Tuesday 24th April 2018
Getting your Celebrant business strategy together for Twitter

How to build a great Twitter Strategy

Twitter and Strategy, are they two words you would generally put together? If the answer is no then this is the blog for you!

The best way to really drive your twitter forward is to get strategic and have a plan in place to master the channel for your business.

Why are you using Twitter?

When looking at putting your strategy in place think about what you are trying to achieve by using Twitter. Are you trying to have another tool to connect with your existing clients, are you trying to reach new clients, or are you just looking for inspiration yourself? It could be a combination of all three and even others. It’s great to think about this so you can work out how to achieve it.

Set yourself some Goals

You need to move from scrolling through Twitter without a purpose – to knowing how you can say ‘Yeah, I had great Twitter time today’. With some goals in place based on why you decided to use Twitter for in the first place, you can start to feel real progress and in a short amount of time.  

So how will you know if you are achieving more engagement with clients or networking better? You need to make your goals targeted to your aims. Set yourself the task of starting 3 new conversations a week or finding 5 new industry influencers to follow. Then you can say – that you did achieve more engagement and you did network better – and give yourself a pat on the back!

Twitter top tips 22

Manage that Twitter time

You need to dedicate time to Twitter – those Tweets don’t happen without you! It is great to put some time into your schedule for this but it doesn’t need to be long. Some people find just jumping in for 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the afternoon makes a big difference to their engagement levels.

It is great to try and get on Twitter when your followers are on there, so you can have conversations with them. Experiment with times and see when you find it is best to be online. Love Twitter too much? Set yourself a limit. Using Twitter is great if you are reaching your goals but when it merges from business to pleasure, and you’ve been tweeting for hours, you may need to draw a line (well, sometimes!)

Always interact

Twitter is the social media platform that is widely based on conversation – and as Celebrants we love talking, right? A great way to reach a wider network is to get involved in industry related conversations. People will start to notice and follow you. So start chatting with your local florist, or venue and let them know you are interested in their work.  

Next step – start your own interesting conversations and tag other people to join in! Reply to other users, and retweet content and get your name out there. This is exactly what Twitter is all about – and is a must in any Twitter strategy.

Plan ahead

We all know how important it is to plan ahead – but do you put this into practice when it comes to Twitter? A strategy needs to lay out what you are going to post and when. Plans can always change and sometimes should, but having a plan gives you a template to follow so that you can ensure you are getting the right content out there at the right time.

Twitter top tips22

Extra tips for pros:

Customise your Twitter email notifications

Did you know you can turn on Twitter notifications? You can be notified when someone has retweeted you, or you get a new follower and want to say Hi. This is great if you want to keep on top of everything, however not so great if you want to stick to set Twitter times (it’s too easy to click in and spend more time on the platform!).

Tidy up your feed

Review your feed as if you were starting again on Twitter today. Don’t waste time following accounts you are no longer interested in – it distracts your focus. Be harsh – use that Unfollow. That is what it’s there for!

Twitter Advanced Search

Use existing Twitter tools to help you. Advanced Search allows you to add filters when you are searching so you are more likely to find what you are looking for. Did you know you can save your search as well? You are busy – don’t do the same thing twice!

Twitter videos

Yes, that’s right – people love videos on Twitter as well! You have various options, but Twitter allows you to stream live and this video will be saved on your feed. Great for giving followers a snapshot of your amazing ceremonies!

Twitter top tips24

Use hashtags

We can’t say this enough!

Hashtags and Twitter go together like chocolate and strawberries yum – go have fun with it and get relevant hashtags in those tweets!


Social media is a reflection of you and how amazing you are – these tips are to help you get the best out of it!

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