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Handling the heat at your Wedding Ceremony

Posted by Hayley Muncey on Saturday 15th September 2018
Handling the heat at your Wedding Ceremony

Weddings are both special and exciting days, but they can come with their fair share of stress! Nerves and wedding day jitters are common, so here are some tips to help you enjoy your day without the worries.

Get a good night’s sleep

The day of your wedding can often be a long one, with preparing and getting ready in the morning, the ceremony itself and the following celebrations that will probably last long into the evening.  Getting a proper sleep the night before is a good idea so that you feel refreshed and are able to fully enjoy your day.

Don’t forget to eat

Nerves or being busy with preparations on the day could mean you end up not eating, but it’s a good idea to make sure you eat properly, you’ll need that energy if you’re planning to dance the night away!

Handling the heat at your wedding 6

Give yourself plenty of time

The last thing you want to be doing on your wedding day is rushing around in a panic, so make sure you’ve scheduled things to give you plenty of time to enjoy them properly. Simple things like getting dressed and ready can take more time than you anticipate, so allow yourself extra time to avoid having to hurry.

Dealing with being the centre of attention

Some people love it, but what if you are uncomfortable being the centre of attention? There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Make sure you know what’s going to happen in advance. Map out a schedule for the day so that you know what’s going to happen and when. Your wedding celebrant can talk you through and help you plan out your ceremony, so you can feel prepared for what you’ll be doing and saying.
  • Tell some trusted people how you feel so that they can be on hand to support you if needed.
  • Keep your focus on your partner – this is about you and them, try and keep your focus there rather than the people around.

Handling the heat at your wedding 1

Make some back up plans

Even the best laid plans don’t always work out, so have a think about potential problems and make sure you’ve got a bit of a back-up plan. You don’t need to go crazy and worry about every little thing, but some simple things that might put your mind at rest are ideas like having the number of a local taxi firm handy in case there’s a problem with your transport.         

Have a seating plan strategy

Avoid potential awkward situations with your guests by having a strategic seating plan. If Great Aunt Margaret can’t be civil with Grandpa Bill, make sure to sit them far apart to avoid any unwanted confrontations.

Handling the heat at your wedding 5

Spend time alone with your new husband/wife

It’s easy to get swept away in all the celebrating and momentum of having all your friends and family in one place, but try and make sure you get to spend a little time together as a couple. Much as it might be the first time you’ve seen your childhood friend in a long time, your wedding day is about celebrating you as a couple, not the time for a full on catch up. Take in the day together.

Remember why you’re there

Things may not necessarily go completely to plan, but try not to sweat the small stuff. Relax and remember what the day is about.  Above all else, enjoy yourselves. This is a day to celebrate, commit to one another, and whatever happens, the memories will always be special ones.

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