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Rescheduled wedding advice and inspiration

Posted by Debbie Skyrme on Friday 27th March 2020
Rescheduled wedding advice and inspiration

Organising your wedding is one thing, but having to change the date of your wedding or vow renewal ceremony is one event no couple is prepared for.

The main thing is, don't cancel your special day, just postpone it!

Here are some positive steps you can take to reduce the stress of rescheduling your ceremony when faced with saving a new wedding date.

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Choose a new date sooner rather than later

What can you do if you have to postpone your wedding? In early 2020 there may be a lot of wedding couples looking to reschedule their wedding or vow renewal ceremony date, so the sooner you choose an alternative, and rebook your suppliers, the better chance you have of getting the new date you want.

You will feel so much better when you have decided on a new date and can begin working towards "I do, take two"!

There are some wonderful change of date cards out there from downloading a simple template you can send online to printed templates you can personalise to "resave" the date and post out to guests.

Or why not design your own in Canva?


Reschedule your wedding on a weekday

To widen the possible dates available to you, consider the possibility of a weekday wedding rather than a weekend.

You may even find that venue prices are cheaper mid week and if you are flying to a destination wedding your guests might make considerable savings on the cost of their airfare.

Friday weddings are the best possible compromise, leaving you a lovely long lazy romantic weekend to recover from your celebrations and replay over and again the details of your special day.

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Appoint a "reschedule angel" to handle guests' queries

When you notify your guests of the need to postpone your wedding ceremony, refer them at the same time to a responsible person who can handle all of your guests' queries for you.

Your priority is to liaise with your venue, your wedding planner or event coordinator, your wedding celebrant and all of your other suppliers to find a date that works for everyone.

A "reschedule angel" can take a huge amount of stress and emotional anxiety off your shoulders by responding to offers of sympathy on your behalf.
Later on when you have chosen your new date, your reschedule angel can be involved in the practical side of assisting guests with their own new travel and accommodation arrangements.

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Accept what you cannot change when rescheduling your wedding date

Change what you can and don't waste any energy trying to change what you can't.

Accept that not all of your original choice of wedding suppliers will be available for your new wedding date - but they will still want to do the very best for you and will not want to let you down.
In this case, ask your supplier to suggest a trusted colleague or alternative supplier.
The wedding industry is a small one and local suppliers network and often support one another, so rather than searching from scratch, rely on their recommendation for a plan 'B'

Top tip: check each individual supplier contract with regards to their cancellation policy and deposit refunds.

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Prioritise your guest list

Another reality of rescheduling your wedding is that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. So when it comes to deciding on a new wedding date, prioritise those essential VIPs for whom your wedding cannot go ahead without.

At the same time, have a back up plan for guests who will not be able to make your new date - ask the person officiating your wedding ceremony if they can live stream it!

An imaginatively decorated, well-placed laptop on an altar table will pick up every word of your ceremony and stream it live into the living rooms of even the most distant of distant cousins. 

Remember if you are using video conferencing software such as Zoom that you can also record all the time you are going live, so you even get your own extra video as a wedding memento. You could even ask your drone pilot if he can live stream your ceremony!

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Mark your original wedding date in a special way

A lot of time and trouble probably went into planning your original wedding day - and you will no doubt always remember that date as "the day our wedding should have been". So acknowledge that. Do something special on that date.
Open a special bottle of wine and raise your glasses in a salute to the past, the present and the future - because you still WILL have your wedding ceremony, just not today.

If you have seen the film Braveheart where the hero has a secret hand fasting ceremony to recognise his marriage commitment to his sweetheart... or the series Outlander where the couple also bind their own hands in marriage, you and your partner could literally tie the knot yourselves as a symbol of your intention to marry.

And what a lovely thing it would be if you could include that handfasting cloth or ribbon in your actual wedding ceremony on your new date - tied around a bouquet or as part of a new hand fasting ceremony in front of witnesses.


Photo: Toni Bonet

One thing is certain, that changing your date does not change your love for each other.

Waiting just a little bit longer for your wedding ceremony is a delayed pleasure - all the sweeter for the waiting.

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Featured Celebrant: Debbie Skyrme

Featured Celebrant: Debbie Skyrme

Debbie is an award winning bilingual destination wedding celebrant in Spain. As a wedding blogger Debbie posts regular advice and inspiration on her web site and social media.

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