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Why it is important to get professional profile pictures

Posted by Emily Hatton on Wednesday 11th July 2018
Why it is important to get professional profile pictures

As a Celebrant we see lots of amazing ceremonies as part of our job. For Celebrants who officiate weddings in particular, there are often professional photographers at these ceremonies. This can mean that you get some lovely photos of you doing your job which is great! If you can get the client to give you permission to use some photos that is fantastic, and you should make use of these photos of you in action.

But have you considered having professional photos of you as a Celebrant? The photos you can use from your clients are amazing – but the focus is not actually on you! For your Celebrant business you need you to be the stand out feature!

Professional photos must be added to your business plan if you want to get ahead. When potential clients are looking at options for Celebrants they want to see you at your best. Having some amazing photos of you to use across your business profiles really is worth spending on.

Professional photos3

Here are a few reasons to have professional photos taken:

The photos will be yours!

That’s right – just yours and no-one else can use them without your permission. It is great to have your own photos to use across your media without having to credit someone else!

You can direct the photoshoot

Well…kind of. The photographer will obviously have their professional advice as well! But if you arrange a photoshoot for you and your business your photographer will want to accommodate your requests and make sure the photos reflect you. You will get photos you really love.

Professional photos4

The key word is professional

As a professional you need to make sure that all elements of your business are professional as well. Why would photos of you not be included in that?! To be considered as a professional by potential clients great quality photos really will help to give the right impression (and can be very flattering!)

First impressions are crucial

Looking at a website or profile with great pictures just looks better. Period. Clients can be looking at a few different options when considering Celebrants, and will make up their mind quickly when deciding to contact you or not. Photos are a great way to draw people in quickly to you and your brand.

Professional photos1

It shows confidence

When building up your Celebrant business it is not the time to shy away about how fantastic you are. Having the confidence to get photos to use for your business is a great step in making yourself stand out. There is only one you – and you need amazing photos to show yourself off!

Sometimes we need to make an investment to stand out – and booking your Celebrant business photo-shoot should definitely move up your priority list. Invest in yourself!

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