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Why you should celebrate the birth of your baby

Posted by Lauren Balloch on Thursday 17th May 2018
Why you should celebrate the birth of your baby

Celebrating the birth of your baby varies in lots of wonderful ways around the world from Baby showers, Christenings, Naming Ceremonies, Circumcision, Ear piercings to Family shrines and many, many more. There are lots of ways you can do it and the traditions differ from culture to culture which is what makes it so exciting! 

You’ve just brought new life into the world which is awesome and having a day where you family and friends can celebrate that is fantastic. However you decide to celebrate, it should be a moment and a memory you can cherish that celebrates you as new parents and the beginning of your new-born’s journey.   

Celebrate birth of baby2

One celebration in particular that we at The Celebrant Directory love are naming ceremonies which are the non-religious equivalent to Christenings. We have hundreds of Celebrants across the globe that can help you create a unique and special naming ceremony that is tailored to your new family.

What is a Naming Ceremony and why do we do it?

For those of you who want to celebrate the arrival of your baby but don’t feel right following religious traditions, a naming ceremony is the perfect way to do that.

Naming ceremonies offer maximum flexibility and can be designed to exactly how you want. You can have them in any location whether that be your favourite park or in the comfort of your own home, just wherever you feel most comfortable and has meaning to you as a family. An added bonus, you can have them whenever you want! If you aren’t quite ready just after the birth as you don’t feel you have the time to prepare (or had enough sleep!) don’t worry you can hold a naming ceremony weeks, months or even combine it with a birthday.

So why do we do it? You are bringing together your family and friends in welcoming your child into your circle and into the world with a celebration filled with laughter and fun– and that sounds pretty special to me!

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Naming Ceremonies don’t have to be scripted!

There is no set script! Each ceremony is tailored to your family’s requirements. By meeting your celebrant beforehand, they can get a feel for who you are as a family and make it as personalised as possible. You can choose to have poems, readings, music or some form of wish book at your ceremonies. You might want to include promises or commitments that you’ll make as a family. Some couples get their creative hats on and put together a time capsule which can be a great way to get your guests and loved ones involved too. Or if you aren’t too comfortable talking in front of people that is fine also! Your Celebrant or guests can do the talking and you can simply announce ‘we promise’ to complete the ceremony. The most important thing is that this day is as stress-free as possible, so do whatever is right for you.  

Alternative Ceremonies…

If you don’t fancy something quite as formal there are lots of other ways you can make a naming ceremony special. Some families decide to opt for a symbolic celebration such as planting a tree or naming a star after your baby which are equally magical and unique.

Celebrate birth of baby4

If you’re not sure where to start, your Celebrant will be there to guide you every step of the way to create the perfect day. It should be a joyful celebration where your family and friends can welcome and support you and your little one into the world – Not to mentioned you’ve spent 9 hardworking months waiting for this little bundle of joy so a huge congratulation is in order, enjoy it!

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