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What is a Wedding Celebrant?

Congratulations on your engagement! By now, you are probably spending the better part of each day planning everything about your big day – from sending the wedding invitations to planning the food service at the reception. But before you start getting into the gritty details your wedding, one of the most important things to... Read more

What is the difference between a Humanist and a Celebrant?

Humanist Celebrants and other Celebrants (such as Independent or Civil Celebrants) are very similar in the way in which they approach writing and officiating wedding ceremonies, in that they ALL offer a very personalised Ceremony in any location. Humanist Celebrants like all other kinds of Celebrants, deliver a Ceremony tha... Read more

Why would I choose a Wedding Celebrant over a Registrar?

Having a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony means you have complete flexibility over your venue – anywhere, anytime. With so many hidden gems, stunning private estates, beautiful outdoor locations, unlicensed and licensed venues out there, a Celebrant offers you the chance to have your wedding in any location you find and love.... Read more

Can we have a Wedding Ceremony outside?

Absolutely, Celebrants officiate thousands of ceremonies outside in woodlands, estate grounds, farms and even beaches. It could be a venue local to you, one that has significance for your family, perhaps even where you first met. It's even becoming more popular for couples to have adventure wedding ceremonies, or with a fun... Read more

Is a Celebrant led wedding ceremony legally binding?

In England, Celebrant led weddings are officiated separately to the legal signing of the register. This is usually done prior or after the wedding ceremony and won’t affect your Celebrant Ceremony at all. Don't worry though, its usually a very simple and affordable process to become ‘legally’ married, freeing you up to thin... Read more

In which way are Celebrant led ceremonies personalised?

The process from start to finish with a Celebrant is personalised. It's fantastic as your Celebrant will meet with you, get to know you, and start to plan your ceremony from scratch. They may ask you to fill in a questionnaire, which will contain questions about you as a couple, how you got to this point in your lives, your... Read more

What should I look for when choosing a Wedding Celebrant?.

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day so you need to feel as comfortable and confident as possible with the person leading the service. After all, this the central part of your wedding, when you stand in front of all your loved ones and declare your love for one another.All the Celebrants featured on ... Read more

Can we meet Wedding Celebrants before deciding?

Absolutely. If at all possible, we’d recommend it.  Each Celebrant depending on location will usually organise a consultation and a meeting prior to the big day.If you live outside of the country you wish the Ceremony to be held, most Celebrants will arrange a Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp call with you as it's the second best wa... Read more

What happens during a Celebrant led wedding ceremony?

Weddings are no doubt one of the happiest events in people’s lives. It’s a ceremony that celebrates the union of two people to each other, in front of the people they love and who are important in their lives.With that said, weddings don’t always have to be held traditionally in order to be meaningful or sincere. Case in po... Read more

We married abroad but would like a ceremony in my home town, can this be done?

Absolutely! You can either renew the vows you took before, or have another wedding! As this ceremony will be separate to the legal formalities, you are free to have the ceremony you wish where ever you choose. Read more

Can we involve our guests in the ceremony?

There are many ways you can involve guests in your ceremony. This can be by including readings and poems, or even with a modern hymn (or song!).There are some great symbolic gestures you can include such as a handfasting as well, or wishing stones.Take a look at our top tips for personalising your ceremony. Read more

How do I become a Celebrant?

Becoming a Celebrant is a rewarding career choice. There are many training organisations out there offering qualifications. Get in touch with us using our contact form for a full list of training organisations. Read more