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What is the difference between a Humanist and a Celebrant?

Humanist Celebrants and other Celebrants (such as Independent or Civil Celebrants) are very similar in the way in which they approach writing and officiating wedding ceremonies, in that they ALL offer a very personalised Ceremony in any location. Humanist Celebrants like all other kinds of Celebrants, deliver a Ceremony that offers an alternative to a registrar or church service.

Independent Celebrants work independently, giving them the freedom to include whatever the couple would like in their Ceremony. If a couple would like to include an act of worship e.g. a prayer, for example, then most Independent Celebrants would be comfortable incorporating this in a ceremony. Independent Celebrants are equally comfortable creating and conducting non-religious ceremonies.

Humanist Celebrants offer secular/non-religious ceremonies only, believing that life is based on humanity and reason, and that moral values are founded on human nature and experience. As they have no-religious beliefs, they therefore do not include any religious acts of worship in their ceremonies. Having said that, Humanist Ceremonies can include religious content if it occurs in readings, hymns or music originally written for praise, as long as there is no ‘act of worship’ requested.