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Why would I choose a Wedding Celebrant over a Registrar?

Having a Celebrant led Wedding Ceremony means you have complete flexibility over your venue – anywhere, anytime. With so many hidden gems, stunning private estates, beautiful outdoor locations, unlicensed and licensed venues out there, a Celebrant offers you the chance to have your wedding in any location you find and love.

A Celebrant will also personalise your ceremony to suit your style and you will get to know your Celebrant over the course of planning your wedding so you have a personal, meaningful connection for the most important day of your life.  Your Celebrant will create a unique ceremony from scratch, one that truly reflects you as a couple. It can be light hearted, humorous, formal or simple and will perfectly suit you as a couple.

In the UK, Local Registrars are bound by their legal format and there are limitations to the content of the service they can provide. They have set times, set locations and restrictions on what they can and cannot say or do. It is more than likely you will also not know the person delivering the most important words to you as a couple either. 

Lastly Celebrant led weddings offer an affordable alternative. You no longer have to search purely for wedding venues that are licensed; you may have a favourite restaurant, farm, beach or even holiday home that hosts large parties, the options are endless with a Celebrant.