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In which way are Celebrant led ceremonies personalised?

The process from start to finish with a Celebrant is personalised. It's fantastic as your Celebrant will meet with you, get to know you, and start to plan your ceremony from scratch. They may ask you to fill in a questionnaire, which will contain questions about you as a couple, how you got to this point in your lives, your wishes for the future and special memories together. This will help them create a really unique, personalised and tailor-made wedding ceremony for you.

They will take the lead from you as to how you’d like the ceremony to be sculpted, the tone, the important bits of content and it will be a two-way process until you have your perfect ceremony!

Celebrants will guide you through reading choices, writing your vows, personalising your commitments and even adding special additions to truly individualise your ceremony and make it memorable. They can make a suggestion as to what to include and guide you as much or as little as you desire. 

The whole process is customised to you and your wishes for your ideal ceremony which is why it's so great to have the choice of different Celebrants that you also feel fit or reflect your personality/outlook/approach etc. It's quite often the case that Celebrants go onto becoming friends with their couples as they get to know them quite intimately which requires trust and confidence.

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