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Can we meet Wedding Celebrants before deciding?

Absolutely. If at all possible, we’d recommend it.  Each Celebrant depending on location will usually organise a consultation and a meeting prior to the big day.

If you live outside of the country you wish the Ceremony to be held, most Celebrants will arrange a Skype/Facetime/WhatsApp call with you as it's the second best way to meet now!

We think its really important to get a good thorough understanding of who is going to stand in front of your loved ones and talk about your journey to marriage together, how you met, special occasions, milestones in your life and your aspirations for the future (to mention just a few things!). The best way to do this is to meet them as soon as possible and have lots of regular contact with them if you would like it. There is no set number of times a couple will be in contact with their Celebrant throughout the process, it's driven by you as the couple.