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What happens during a Celebrant led wedding ceremony?

Weddings are no doubt one of the happiest events in people’s lives. It’s a ceremony that celebrates the union of two people to each other, in front of the people they love and who are important in their lives.

With that said, weddings don’t always have to be held traditionally in order to be meaningful or sincere. Case in point are Celebrant led weddings in which the wedding’s officiating person are Celebrants or humanists.

Couples who choose Celebrant led weddings often do so to make their wedding ceremony more reflective of who they are, and how they want their union to be. A Celebrant officiating a wedding can lead a vastly different role than what we are used to with priests and registrars.

It’s understandable if you may not have heard of this concept before, that’s why we’re going to answer some of the most frequently answered questions on wedding Celebrants in this article.

What happens during a celebrant led wedding?

What happens during a Celebrant Led Ceremony?

One of the most treasured things about Celebrant Led Ceremony is that it is tailored specifically to you. It can be done based on the requirements you set and what you feel are the most significant aspects of your union.

Although most ceremonies follow a general structure from the exchange of vows to the couple’s kiss, you won’t necessarily have to comply with the usual wedding programme. Unlike traditional marriage celebrations, you don’t necessarily have to abide by the set expectations of how other weddings are done.

Ultimately, what happens during a Celebrant led ceremony is entirely up to you and your partner.

A Celebrant led ceremony is flexible and will give you the freedom to structure your wedding in a way that’s more in line with what you and your partner want. In fact, you could even leave out sections that you feel are not relevant to your own wedding and just go for the meaningful parts that will really bring out the uniqueness of your partnership.

Your very own Celebrant will no doubt personalise your wedding so it turns into an affair that’s not just memorable but also true to what your relationship is all about.

If you are religious but find that the traditional ceremonies don’t accurately represent your belief, Celebrants can pull in religious rites and incorporate those into the ceremony how you wish.

The legal signing of the register is typically done before or after the ceremony at your convenience, as just like a traditional vow exchanging ceremony, the ceremony itself is not legally binding.

How are Celebrant Led Weddings personalised?

Celebrant Led Weddings are personalised with the help of the Celebrant who will be working with you and your partner to design every detail of the ceremony.

The process usually starts with a questionnaire that helps the Celebrant get to know the important things in your relationship such as future wishes and special memories you might want to highlight in the ceremony.

This definitely paves the way for a more meaningful wedding that’s rooted in a unique approach and puts the spotlight on what matters the most—your relationship.

You’re the one who’ll set the tone for how you want the whole ceremony to play out so the outcome is really personalised to what’s important to you as a couple.

If you need guidance, the Celebrant will be as involved in the process as you need, to help facilitate the wedding you and your partner have dreamed of. The result is a ceremony that captures and encapsulates the very thing that makes your union with your husband or spouse special.

Moreover, the freedom of a Celebrant lead ceremony means that you can involve your loved ones in the ceremony itself. Whether it’s through more typical routes such as a poetry reading, or a speech, to something that’s entirely unique, a Celebrant can help facilitate a ceremony that is even more magical by involving those closest to you.

Outdoor wedding venue

Celebrant Led Wedding Venues

One of the best thing about Celebrant Led Weddings is the flexibility of location. You can have it outside whether that be on a farm, beach or woodlands, among others.

In this kind of wedding, what matters is the significance of the location to your relationship, family, and other loved ones. Some couples even go as far as having adventure wedding ceremonies to better reflect their personalities and interests.

Alternatively, many couples who go for Celebrant Led Weddings also usually go for fun themes that may otherwise feel out of place in a traditional style wedding.

The best thing about this kind of ceremony is that the options you have are unlimited and the freedom is yours to decide the details and theme as you see fit!

If you want more inspiration, check out our blog for ideas on where and how to host your Celebrant lead wedding ceremony.