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What should I look for when choosing a Wedding Celebrant?.

Your wedding ceremony is the most important part of your day so you need to feel as comfortable and confident as possible with the person leading the service. After all, this the central part of your wedding, when you stand in front of all your loved ones and declare your love for one another.

All the Celebrants featured on this website has a personal style and it's ideal if their style fits in with yours. It's a great idea to look around on the site, see who's in your area, or available on your day, or just who you like the look and sound of, then add them to your favourite list.

You can then contact a few favourite Celebrants, and when you do, it is worth having a list of questions together so you can gauge if they are a good fit. Is there anything, in particular, you want them to answer at this stage or do you just want to hear their voice and how they sound and what their outlook or approach will be. Look out for the following too:

Are they a good communicator?

You can usually tell a lot about a person by how well they speak on the phone.

Do they listen to you and are they articulate (if this is important to you)?

Remember this person will be standing in front of your loved ones so it is important they are clear.

Being a good celebrant is all about listening to your couple's needs and translating them into a very special Ceremony. They need to understand your wishes for the Ceremony and may start to come up with ideas in your first chat for example. If they do, then you can bet they’d be great at creating something that suits you.

Do they have reviews?

Today, a lot of our choices when purchasing something are made from other user experiences. This site offers Celebrants the ability to ask their previous couples for reviews and for couples to leave reviews too. We think this is really important as you can hear from other couples experiences.  Be sure to check them out as they are independent of the Celebrant themselves and if you like what you see, then there is another reason to pick them!

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